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"At the end of the day, I'm just a kid who loves to draw."


Michele Fitzgerald is a graphic designer and illustrator based out of Philadelphia, PA.

She enjoys using intricate lines to boldly define her work, in addition to stark, simple color palettes.

As a child, Fitzgerald was heavily influenced by Japanese comic books; namely “Sailor Moon” and anything by CLAMP. Both became the catalysts for an ever-expanding passion for the arts, which later became her career.  Celestial motifs and geometric shapes are two key elements taken from her early muses and continue to appear in many of her creations.

An eclectic mix of subjects such as sci-fi flicks, music, nature and travel inspires Fitzgerald, especially Star Trek and other space epics.  She is a very active person who spends her free time riding bikes, hiking and exploring whatever there is to see.

It is her wish to continue her adventures and incorporate elements of her experience into visual design that can be used for a variety of platforms and consumer products.